Risk II: Comments on Level 10

I wrote this before I completed Level 10 successfully on my third try (so obviously also before I made the video); I'm keeping it on the website because I feel it may help others if they are still having trouble with the level even after viewing my video.

I'm going to be honest. I didn't complete this scenario. I tried twice. The goal is to annihilate whoever owns Brazil (or whoever owned it last before you took it over). Your opponents are Barbacena, Mackenzie, Vauban, Sherbrooke, Maransin, Marmont, and Campbell.

First time, I tried to conquer North America -- the obvious thing to do, right? Well, white also wants North America. He placed a bunch of troops in Quebec and a bunch more in Japan. Even before I can eliminate white, other players start trying to get a piece of the continent -- yellow and black both came in. There's simply too many countries in the continent -- I never had a chance to think about the goal.

Next game, I decided to forget completely about North America. This strategy worked slightly better. I placed all my troops in the Eastern U.S., attacked Central America, and surged to Venezuela. I am solely trying to conquer the player who last owned Brazil, and also to conquer South America. However, when red (I am playing as blue this game) is down to one troop left, Black (who has conquered Europe) steals Brazil from me. I do succeed in annihilating both red and green, so I will advance to the next round if I do not die before someone else completes their goal. I cannot maintain my hold on South America, but I do manage to conquer Africa for a few turns. I finally decide to forget about every continent except Australia and try to rebuild my tattered empire from there. Almost as soon as I leave for my new home, black (Sherbrooke) wins the game with this goal:

Conquer and hold one of the following continents: Asia, North America, or Europe. Also connect together a group of eight other independent territories.

So if I were to play this scenario again, I would again try to conquer whoever holds Brazil early on, before a powerful player gets hold of it. I did get very unlucky in this strategy last time (I was attacking the former Brazil-owner's last troop on a surge attack, 2 vs. 1, and lost; on the same surge attack Black took Brazil). I think an early victory is the best way to achieve victory in this scenario.

If you have ANY interest in seeing the time-lapse videos of these two attempts, send me an email () and I'll upload it -- it won't have narration though, sorry.

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