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The Fishpack

Here are maps I've designed that are not in the coursepack. You need to have the latest coursepack before you download this. In the fishpack, you will find six maps that are not in the coursepack (click on the course name to see the lobby screenshot):

Update 7/15/2008: I have added a new map to the fishpack (Mission to the Moon), made minor updates to Lost Ship, and made major renovations to the castles in Winter Warzone.

Having trouble downloading? Try this page.

  1. Mission to the Moon -- up, up, and away!
  2. Lost Ship -- these pirates weren't so lucky...
  3. Sailor's Delight -- red sky at night...(you know the rest!)
  4. Vehement Volcanoes -- get the stars before the volcanoes erupt!
  5. Maze -- can you find your way out through the twists and turns?
  6. Friendly Neighborhood -- trod in the yards, the neighbors don't mind.
  7. Winter Warzone -- time to bring out the heavy artillery...

Download Instructions: (it's exactly the same as installing the coursepack)

  1. Download the .zip file here. Open it.
  2. Extract the files by clicking on extract.
  3. You should be prompted to choose a location to extract to. Choose your orbz directory (for example, C:/Program Files/Games/Orbz).
  4. You're done!

I apologize that the files come in a zip file; I've heard that this can be trouble for non-windows users. Please email me if you know a good alternative to .zip that works for different operating systems. (I am currently doing my best to find a good conversion program.)

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