Lots and Lots of Custom Maps

The courses in this pack have been made by various people, most of them now inactive in the orbz community. Some of these maps are very, well, odd/strange/not-so-good and it is clear why they are not in the official coursepack (I believe that there are even one or two that don't work at all -- sorry!). Others are pretty good and fun to play and may indeed wind up in a coursepack. There are also some of my -- well, worst -- courses in here. Enjoy!

I have only included the .mis and .ter files -- this means that if there are any custom objects or terrains, you won't find them here. I would like to correct this error; if anyone knows what the specific missing files are, please tell me. Thanks.

Download the maps. This is a .zip file; extract the files to your .../orbz folder (so it's exactly like downloading another coursepack). The files will be saved in .../orbz/fps/data/missions/unused.

These maps will not show up in the lobby. This means you have two options of how to load them.

  1. Navigate to .../orbz/fps/data/missions/unused and open up a .mis file with a word processor, such as Notepad.
    • Near the top of the file you will see a line of text saying "sortindex="##"" -- this line represents where the file will appear in the list of missions in the lobby. Right now the course will not appear in the lobby because no number is specified.
    • Simply replace the "##" with a number, starting with 68 (because there are already 67 maps [including the fishpack]) -- keep the quotes around the number.
    • I have not included a lobby screenshot in the pack, so the lobby will appear black when you scroll through the maps (if you use this option).
      • If you wish, you can add your own lobby screenshot -- instructions are in the course editing page.
  2. If you have the map editor, open it up (by pressing F11) and go to File-->Open and select the course you'd wish to open.

If you run into trouble downloading these files, we'll be happy to help with your troubles. Email us at .

The maps in this pack are (I have included the name of the course, the name of the .mis file, and the creater when I know who it is):

1. Alien Arena alien_arena.mis BlackX
2. Beyond the River Beyond the river.mis DECOorb
3. Airdrop bullseye.mis fishbob (me)
4. Bullseye for Beginners bullseye2.mis fishbob (me)
5. Countryside Estates Countryside Estates.mis DECOorb
6. Yellowbear Annex dunes2.mis fishbob (me)
7. Fiery Chamber fierychamber.mis Nightmare
8. Glorious Falls gloriousfalls.mis Nightmare
9. Grand Canyon grand_canyon.mis Unknown
10. Dusky Gulch gulch.mis Pronell Mordini
11. Icy Doom icy_doom.mis Nightmare
12. Lightning Arena Lightning Arena.mis DECOorb
13. Lost Island Lost Island.mis DECOorb
14. Next Dimension nextdimension.mis Nightmare
15. Oceanarius oceanarius.mis Unknown (but I would guess BlackX or TheoX)
16. Orbz Circus Orbz Circuis.mis DECOorb
17. Orbz Play Ground Orbz_Play_Ground.mis DECOorb
18. River of Illusions rive_of_illusions.mis fishbob (me)
19. Singularity Singularity.mis BlackX
20. Snow Village snowvillage.mis DECOOrb
21. Sportland sports.mis fishbob (me)
22. little leagues? Stars_Mod.mis Star Fox (?)
23. Orbz ToyBox toybox.mis Unknown (but I would guess BlackX or TheoX)
24. Tubular Region tubularregion.mis Unknown (but I would guess BlackX or TheoX)
25. Nightmare Realm twistedrealm.mis Nightmare
26. Molten Lava volcano.mis Horse888
27. Volcano Run Volcano Run.mis DECOorb
28. ????? Land wackoworld.mis Nightmare
29. The World world.mis fishbob (me) (this was originally supposed to be a "community project" -- a map that anyone could edit -- but there wasn't any interest)
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