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The Fishpack (last resort page)

For those of you whose computers don't support .zip files or are having trouble downloading the fishpack but still want it, I have uploaded the individual files for you here. The downside to this is that you havd to download and save every file individually. Right click on each file and save it in the location specified. Please tell me if there are any broken links. If you have these files from a previous fishpack, you don't have to download them again (except for items in bold, to which I've definitely made changes -- I also tried to put most new items in bold, but I can't promise I got them all)

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\client\ui\orbz\courses: -- these are the lobby screenshots

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\data\interiors: -- these are my custom objects and their textures

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\data\missions: -- these are the data and terrain files

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\data\skies: -- these are the files for my sunset sky

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\data\terrains: -- these are custom grounds

Save these in ...Orbz\fps\data\water: -- this is lava water

I would appreciate it if first person to download these files please email me (address below) saying whether this page (i.e. all the maps) worked for you or not. Thanks! I apologize for the sheer number of files; it should go down once the next coursepack is released. I am also working on compressing the files in a mac-compatible way.

You can send suggestions for the website (is there a new section you'd love to see?), tips for the game, or questions about the game, or simply general comments. Email us at .

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